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Dredging the internet archives 1996-2001 – Websites then and now


Posted by monkeon on March 18, 2010

Lowlights of this website in 1996:

1. A logo designed in MS Paint?
It looks that way to me.

2. An amazing facts page

Let’s have a look at how many of these might make it onto QI…

  • Over 40% of Sainsbury’s management are women.
  • One in seven bottles of wine bought in the UK comes from Sainsbury’s.
  • Sainsbury’s is the UK’s largest retailer of meat and poultry.
  • The number of sausages sold by Sainsbury’s in a year, when placed and to end, would reach three quarters of the way round the world.
  • Placed end to end, the number of cans of food sold by Sainsbury’s in a year would reach round the equator.

Placed end to end, my interest in these facts would last 10 seconds.


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