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Weight Watchers

Posted by monkeon on April 4, 2010

I’m sure the Weight Watchers site of old was using Derren Brown tricks to subconsciously make it’s users feel overweight.

I mean, look how fat they’ve drawn the UK:

They should have used it as a testimonial picture…

And is there really any need to go on about cookies to this extent to people who probably fancy picking at a packet or two?

That all said, the Weight Watchers UK site isn’t too awful. So, luckily, there are all these other Weight Watchers sites to explore for awful design:

I’ve gone through all of the sites in order to bring you the award for International Worst Weight Watchers Website 2000 which goes to… Italy!

Congratulations Italy! And congratulations to the work experience kid who built this and didn’t know how to change image text, so just whacked in the unedited American version of the navigation.


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