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Liberal Democrats

Posted by monkeon on April 7, 2010

The Lib Dem’s hadn’t quite got a handle on image compression in 1996…

Example 1:
Can’t quite read that…

Example 2:
I think this is a bird, but it might be an ink-blot test which by saying that I think is a bird would tell a psychiatrist what sort of mental illness I have.

Their page of MP profiles uses the trick that many hell-to-work-for companies do when they try to make themselves more fun by giving their employees chance to express their personality by telling visitors about any of their blander interests.

So far, so dull… but then I found this one about Archy Kirkwood…

“Formerly a keen bee-keeper”.  That isn’t enough information. What happened?  Why is he now not keep on bees? Was he involved in a bee related accident? Was it like in Deliverance when they can’t mention pigs when they get home? “Buzz like a bee, boy!” Tell us, Archy!

The slogan

Finally, we come to this slogan.
If they ran it now,  as a hopeless nostalgic, I would definitely vote for them:

How much does a website cost


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