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Dredging the internet archives 1996-2001 – Websites then and now


Posted by monkeon on April 8, 2010

This evening I’ve been scouring football websites in the internet archive, desperately trying to find something of interest to say. However, my lack of knowledge in anything sport related means that the only mildly amusing thing I’ve found is if you imagine the finger in the following animation is a surprise tiny phallus:

Thankfully, I was delighted to find that, before the year 2000, was owned by a domain squatter who, for no obvious reason, used the address for their video company and so I can now examine that site rather than have to mention anything more about football in this post…

Here’s what used to be on

Knight Productions Inc. had the most amazing Netscape logo I have ever seen. It’s of a vomiting dragon…

They could have made a film about that and I would have been delighted.
But what did Knight Productions actually make films about?

My favourite thing about Noir is the fact that the supernatural force is not bothered about anything more serious than annoying them. Perhaps it’s the ghost of Jeremy Beadle (who, thinking on it, would have had to have travelled back in time to before he died in order to bother them).

Sadly, I can find no references to this film on the web nowadays.  If you were in it, PLEASE upload it to YouTube.


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