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Posted by monkeon on April 14, 2010

Cher’s new site has the amazing feature of a loader screen which counts up in roman numerals, and is followed by a “Quick, turn down the speaker before the neighbours hear” medley of her hits.

It says “(c) 2002-2010”, and yet the site was started in 1998.  What was there between 1998 and 2001 which she is trying to deny ever existed?

In 1998, in order to enter, you had to click on a sword. It’s not any old sword, it was a rotating sword with a glans:

Even in 1990s. Cher hadn’t quite caught up with the modern world:

The site was still under construction, and she was keen to let her fans have their say…

Hmm.  What would I like in an online Cher store?  A plastic false bottom with a pen to draw on some tattoos? A mouse mat in the shape of her head?  Cher sweatpants? A Cher stress ball for the next time “If I could turn back time” comes on the radio? Incence?

Let’s see what things were sold when we check out the site two years later in 2000…

Oh, how boring.

But wait!

I knew she wouldn’t let us down!

How much does a website cost


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