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Posted by monkeon on April 15, 2010

Instead of someone unreliable like Kerry Katatonia, Poundland have taken the safer bet of employing the services of HAL from 2001 to endorse their shop today.

However, in 2000, they used to rely on their customers to give them testimonials.  They didn’t just make them up. Oh, no – look:

Good old Ms Handley who lives in the Meadowhall shopping centre.  It’s nice of Poundland to take a professional portrait of her to the high standards of a stock photography site.  Although, I guess, a pound was worth more then.

They also took a professional photo of all of their surprisingly healthy looking customers…

The odd thing about this is that they obviously couldn’t get the same studio photographer for their team photo and so had to take it themselves…

I’m not saying they made the testimonials up or anything (read this sarcastically or not sarcastically as you wish).

Sadly, the old Poundland site never listed what you used to be able to get for a pound to contrast with what you get nowadays, as I’d be interested to see if every year the concept becomes less viable or if the quality of products for sale has to be lowered to make up for inflation.

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One Response to “Poundland”

  1. Chris said

    The owner of Poundland has openly stated that when times are tough, the products get smaller. Colgate, for instance, manufacture much smaller tubes of their toothpaste for the pound shop stores, and decrease the volume when prices hike elsewhere.

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