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Posted by monkeon on April 20, 2010

Bacardi’s concept in 1999 was not to just have a website, but instead have a virtual cyber club…

There are 3 versions of the club.  Think of it as a dress code where only PCs wearing the latest modems get in. Let’s go straight to the “very high-bandwidth (28.8 modem or higher; graphics that will blow your mind, games and all the other good stuff!)” VIP version as the others are a bit Wetherspoons.

“Graphics that will blow your mind”.  Are you ready?

SHEBAM! (I haven’t seen anyone dance like that since Ian Curtis)

POW! (Is it The Exorcist where a door goes a-slamming like that VIP door?)

PLOPP! (No toilets in this club, I notice)

WIZZZ!  (Do you remember in the 90s when we all had pictures of cutlery on the wall – what were we thinking!)

Viewing the source code shows the work of a chancer who has put “sex” in the keywords in the hope that it would have a chance to appear in Google (erm 1999 – Altavista)  for that term…

Frequently Asked Questions

My question would be “Is this question really frequently asked; or is it a case that the person who built the website was also responsible for the ad campaign?”

Build a Sandcastle

The game they were referring to on the homepage was this “build a sandcastle” game.  If it was a real club, not a cyberclub, then a sandpit would be an ideal place to bury your vomit.

I have built one below which is how I imagine 90% of the probably around 3 total entries looked…


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