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Posted by monkeon on April 26, 2010

This newsreader is called Rajesh Mirchandani…

Wikipedia’s entry for Rajesh says “Rajesh Mirchandani is a British television journalist. He was previously a Washington, DC correspondent for BBC News  but in early 2008 relocated to Los Angeles.”

It doesn’t mention that in the 90s, Rajesh was the presenter on Radio 1’s Newsbeat, reporting on such world important stories as Robbie leaving Take That and Queen Latifah’s carjacking.  Let’s see what journalistic tone this man brought to my youth…

Oh Rajesh, you silly old alchie.

Surprisingly for a station with a Logan’s Run employment policy (Radio 2 having a Wogan’s Run one of not employing anyone below the age of 60*), some of the presenters from the 90s still work at Radio 1.

In general, the presenter profile pages are more or less the same, though I’ve noticed a tendency to remove certain information.

For example, Sara Cox before:

and after:

“Let’s drop that bit about sought-after shall we?”.

And what about Jo Whiley? Then:

And now:

“Let’s lose the age, guys”

In fact, the only profile that hasn’t changed is the one for Fabio and Grooverider who, despite being on air for over ten years, I have never actually listened to:

Technically, if they were 2 steps ahead in 1999 and not done anything since, then they are actually now 9 steps behind.

*Joke may no longer be true


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