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Peter Kay

Posted by monkeon on May 10, 2010

Peter Kay’s new t’internet (LOL) site is very brand concious, full of calls to action to buy DVDs, books and gig tickets. It even censors the word “piss” in the flash pre-loader so not to offend any potential clients (fans).

I *think* the joke is that the length of time it is taking to load is a piss take. It took 5 seconds.

Even the “freebies” section is just a link to him reading a chapter from his book in order to encourage people to buy it.

The joke to advert ratio is about 50:1.  However, it didn’t used to be this way. In 2001, Peter’s website was run by a friend of his..

He was far more interested in t’internet (LOL) technology than selling you things. Or, to be honest, even in Peter Kay himself.

Look at some of these amazing irrelevant features…

1) Java Fireworks

2) Midi Mania

I like the fact that, despite Peter’s act being mostly about nostalgia, Alice DeeJay (at the time) was a new song.

3) Answerphone messages

4) Fun Factory.

Dear Peter,
Here’s my joke. “Loading.. Still loading… P**s take!!”
love, Richard

Lastly, I don’t like to leave a blog post without an animated gif so, here you go, have a rainbow update news…


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