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Posted by monkeon on May 17, 2010

The new Skittles site looks like an explosion in a Social Media Party. You really feel that no Facebook or Twitter based idea was rejected.

To be honest, if I’d like to see any party explode, it would be one full of self titled ‘Social Media Experts’ who get paid loads for telling companies that they need a blog full of ‘Comments(0)’ posts and a Twitter account if they are to be successful on the web.

Oh dear.  They should fix that.

Recently, you may remember, Skittles gave over their entire homepage to people who tweeted the word “Skittles”, leading to much sweary fun.

Kind of missing out on the idea of sponsorship being a one way street, in 1998 they gave their entire site over to NASCAR as they’d just sponsored a car…

I assume that was the case, anyway, as looking at the site it seems more like NASCAR sponsored Skittles.

16th – is that good?

If I was them, I’d have sponsored Gay Pride and tried to make out that every rainbow flag was an endorsement for their sweets.

A proper racing driver moustache, there, though it’s a shame that it’s not iridescent, having been stained by all the Skittles he’s been eating.


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