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Posted by monkeon on May 24, 2010

Marvel have always had a lot of Shockwave games on their site, even though the Flash is DC Comics. (berdum)

On their new site, I’ve designed my own super hero…

In June 1997, there were lots of “Coming Soon” features, such as this school..

…and this games feature, in which the Hulk appears to be performing his classic pretend afro move…

However, by December 1997, a new site had been launched and many of these features sadly never appeared.

I’m showing you this new site with the images turned off in order to highlight their alt tag claim “Cool Animation”. A blind person using a screen reader could only imagine the sort of cool animation that the illustrators at Marvel might come up with…


The final thing of note on the Marvel site was their wonderfully informal intro and outro to their Terms and Conditions page…

The only problem with this is that you end up reading the serious middle bit in an affected Superhero voice. Personally, I read this in the voice of He-Man…


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