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David Icke

Posted by monkeon on May 31, 2010

David’s site is currently dealing with Satanism, Vampires, his new book that has the main selling point “Nearly 700 pages, 355,000 words” and… oh, just look at the batshit keywords for an overview:

<meta name=”keywords” content=”David Icke, Icke, Conspiracy, Alternative News, Reptilians, 9/11, Conspiracy Theories, Holographic Universe, Infinite Love, Illusion, Infinite love is the only truth everything else is illusion, Bridge of love, UFO, UFO\’s, anti-government, Anti-blair, anti-bush, september 11th, truth, cover-ups, Princess Diana assasination, Mind control, MKUltra, Arizona Wilder, 2012, Mayan, Mayan calandar, religion, spirituality, Swine flu, Vaccination, David Icke Books, Official David Icke Website” />

David would probably also be worried by our robot overlord’s alarming suggestion of…

<meta name=”robots” content=”follow” />

In 2001, however, he based his website’s design (and to some extent, life) on the fictional film The Matrix…

Hmm, now do I click the blue pill and enter scroll bar heaven…

Or, do I click the red pill and enter animated gif hell…
(The amazing special effects do make it rather like The Matrix, I must admit)

So, David, I’m ready. Ask me the question…

Well, it’s not B (I like him)… probably not C (that’s Ross Kemp), so by default it must be A. Mad.


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