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Taco Bell

Posted by monkeon on June 7, 2010

The current Taco Bell site serves its purpose in making you salivate by showing you a well photographed slab of fatty food. It also has the lovely feature that when you roll over their logo, its purple bell (pfft) goes “ding dong”.

In the old site, you were welcomed instead by what seems to be the Mexican equivalent of Lolcats…

One of the many diverse aims of the old site was to start a collection of new lingo…

Send your entry in and you can can win a chance to see your entry in bright pink comic sans font live on the web!

Let’s see how the people of 1997 spoke…

Sadly, having gone through them all A-Z, none of the terms in the list were rude in any way.

If only they had a page on the site where people *could* post rude things live on the site, something like an un-moderated forum…


Another feature that has sadly been lost in time is this humiliating pre-YouTube pre-HappySlapping video of a staff member falling into a river…

Which, to be honest, is rather more exciting a feature than the following…

Do not be confused by the X-Files styling of the page, for these stories are very much tales of the expected…

Lots and lots of stories, all about driving to Taco Bell. Poofoo gazing.


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