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Posted by monkeon on June 13, 2010

I have a real soft spot for the old Lego site, since whereas the new one knows its market by having flashy tie-ins with Pixar and the like, the 1997 one is based around the stoic, reliable, dull Lego of my youth.

For example, the travelling exhibition is on the wonderfully dry subject of gates.

Not dinosaurs, aliens, or any of the other exciting things to get a child’s imagination going. Gates. Dull, practical gates.

Equally, whereas the games section of the new site involves defending castles and racing cars, the old site again has a relaxing minimalist approach. What is their exciting idea of a game?

The wonderful Build A Duck.

It’s just a shame that the prize is the bit-too-exciting Lego Submarine, rather than something more practical and in tune with the website, such as a Lego CD rack or Lego toilet roll holder.


One Response to “Lego”

  1. Amazing stuff …. I laughed out loud … keep up the good work mate … greetings from Pakistan

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