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Dredging the internet archives 1996-2001 – Websites then and now


Posted by monkeon on July 5, 2010

Madonna’s 2002 site featured two pop ups and some flash. I’m sure a rude joke is possible to me made from those ingredients, but I can’t think of one.

However, it’s not the website which is of interest here, but rather it’s quite how crap she was in getting the domain which is amusing.

Let’s start in 1996. What was on

Scott used to paint pictures of the Madonna. Lots and lots of them.
Indeed, he still does, according to this article.

You’d think Madonna would have enough money to buy the domain off Scott. So 1998 should see the launch of Madonna’s site. Yes?

The images are unfortunately not in the internet archive, but the text reads “ is not affilliated with the Catholic Church, Madonna Hospital, Madonna College or Madonna the singer.”

So, what is the site about:

In fairness, Madonna’s own career had been descending down that route for a while.

Now, hosting a porn site under a celebrity name can not last forever ( didn’t seem to be around long). So, what happened in 2000?

Ah, she’s got her lawyers involved. So, they’re going to have to sell the domain to Madonna in 2001. Right?

No, Madonna – if you want the domain so much, you must take it from the hands of the disabled.


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