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Gay Times

Posted by monkeon on July 19, 2010

In 1996, the pink pound obviously didn’t stretch too far, as the Gay Times website was shared with the lesbian magazine Diva.

I’m not sure if it was an attempt to fit in with 90s laddishness, but I suspect that they might nowadays treat their audience as more diverse than…


Fun on the site was limited to sliding block puzzles. For the ladies, a Gillian Anderson, and for the gentlemen a River Phoenix.

Though, it does seem slightly distasteful to say of someone who has died…

The “vote on our list of horny hunks” feature throws up some very unexpected people.

Some because they are just so 90s and forgotten, for example:

Justin from Elastica, Martin Rossiter, Tim Vincent and Egg from This Life.

Then there is one entry which, whilst he is many things, a “horny hunk” – really?

“Talk about a Red Wedge” Julian Clary, The British Protest Song Awards 1993.


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