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Jamie Oliver

Posted by monkeon on July 26, 2010

Jamie’s 2000 site had perhaps the most informal welcome that I’ve ever seen on a website…

Easy! How’s it hanging?

He then continues the bizarre tone of the formality and structure of a letter combined with an over-friendliness of a holiday rep trying to sell you a timeshare. This, for example, is the sign off on the kids page…

Ultimately, it isn’t an overly awful site. There’s even a honey milkshake recipe that I plan to make in the hope of having a proustian flash-back to 2000 when I was at university and drank nothing but Jamie Oliver honey milkshakes. It was either that, or Orange Hooch, Mad Dog 20/20 and Metz, I can’t remember now.

That said, the one thing which is truly awful is the splash page.
It’s the most piss-poor animation. You can see it here.

To prove just how rubbish it is, I took a pen, some paper, my camera and made a stop motion version in 5 minutes flat.



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