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Posted by monkeon on August 10, 2010

In 1997, Swatch must have had quite a poor brainstorming session because somehow the idea of a flashing gnome was chosen to welcome website visitors.

Except they didn’t call them gnomes. They called them “dwarves”, leading to some seemingly rather unusual comments about people with dwarfism such as:

The website also had an artist in residence, which at the time was Nam June Paik. He’d designed a watch which he called “Internet Love”. I’ll think of a sarcastic response to his waffle just as soon as I can translate it into sense.

Crikey, I wouldn’t want to go to the toilet at that speed.

Swatch were also dabbling in movie cash-ins, with a section of the site dedicated to the film The Fifth Element. The film was acclaimed for its visuals (and criticised for its weak everything else). Not to be outdone by the spectacle of the film, Swatch had made some state of the art animated gifs for the occasion…

They should show those at the IMAX.


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