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Posted by monkeon on September 6, 2010

I was reading Brian Eno’s diaries he published in the late 90s, and was amused by his hobby of using Photoshop to increase the size of ladies’ arses.

It got me thinking about whether Photoshop really did used to be as limited in scope as I remember it, or have I just got better at using it.

If there’s anyone who will have shown us what state-of-the-art Photoshop work was at the time, then it’s going to be Adobe’s own website.

So, here’s the top 10 crap photoshops from the 1997 Adobe Website…

10. Winky winky winky winky (stop).

For the third time this blog, someone thinks that having an eye wink at you is the ideal way to welcome you to a site. Indeed, it is. From now on, all my designs shall include a cheeky wink or two.

9. Bridging the slacks.

8. A juggler juggling erm… a wedding cake? is it?

7. Cup of brown

6. A letter of resignation from a graphic designer

5. Using MS Paint is cheating, surely?

4. James Bond

3. Away in a Manger

(In fairness, this was part of a kids use Photoshop competition)

2. I thought Roger Whittaker was still alive

1. Lax Headroom

(I suspect what has been photoshopped here is that he initially had no hair at all. They added the front tuft.)


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