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Posted by monkeon on October 6, 2010

The designer of the Lexmark site in 2000 was clearly listening in class, because as we all know, the first rule of animated .gif school – if you find how to do a new effect…

… do it again…

… and again.

In fairness, their other attempt at animation was, well, what is it exactly? My guess is that it’s an outtake from some lost Luis Bunuel film*.

(* Congratulations to @poohugh on Twitter for correctly identifying the gap in my artistic knowledge that is On The Beach by Manet)

At their marketing meeting, Lexmark must have considered all possible users of their printers. There are two types of people.

Firstly, look at this tool in a suit…

He’s a man, so he wants a “Professional Printer”, of course.

Now who do Lexmark think should stay at home and want a “Home Printer”?

Let’s find out by looking at what they’ve called the Home Printer page…

And here she is, the woman. Look at Lexmark’s idea of an woman… being an idiot at home. She clearly doesn’t even know what a printer is. She hasn’t even plugged it in. Her husband will do that when he gets home from using his Professional Printer at work.

Ban this sexist filth.

Sorry, I mean…


One Response to “Lexmark”

  1. Billy Hicks said

    I’m guessing the ‘Then’ and ‘Now’ at the top are labelled the wrong way round here, otherwise something seriously wrong has happened to Lexmark in the space of ten years 😉

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