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National Blind Children’s Society

Posted by monkeon on November 29, 2010

If I was to be asked what qualities would be required to make the best 90s website, I would say for sure:

*Blink tags
*Animated gifs
*Pop Ups
*Phillipa Forrester screen caps
*MIDI music

Sadly, most people didn’t think about making people’s ears suffer as much as their eyes, and MIDI was usually ignored.

However, in 1999, the National Blind Children’s Society did think about those fortunate enough not to be able to see the ugly websites of the time and included this button on their homepage.

Anyone curious enough to click it gets to hear some fun MIDI, and if that wasn’t bad enough, the MIDI they have chosen is Robert Miles’ awful Children, which sounds exactly the same as the original.

Click here if you want to hear it.

That said, they did a much worse trick for people who are looking at the site as well as listening to it. They managed to repeatedly use a simple animated gif which constantly niggles as being slightly wrong, and so irritates the mind in exactly the same way as a misplaced apostrophe or seeing Robbie Williams back alongside Take That.

The arrow is going the wrong way! Why have you done that? Why?

Imagine how much that would annoy a pedant if it was placed, for example, alongside a verb wrongly used as a noun:


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Rough Trade

Posted by monkeon on November 10, 2010

Rough Trade fulfil most of the critera for a place on this website.
1) It was around in 1996, so it had no chance of looking nice
2) It’s clearly down to one person learning while they go along
3) It features a really shit animated .gif drawn in MS Paint.

“I was gonna do a big happy xmas kind of thing but just before xmas i was really sick (yes – really sick as in vomiting through my nose………) so i didn’t quite get round to it……but lets see if i can do a happy new year thing instead..if not…happy new year starting now!!!!” is actually the sort of thing Kate Nash would sing about. I wonder if visiting this website is where she got all her ideas? (even though she’d have been 9 at the time)

Certainly, this animated gif has the Nash hair…

If this theory is true, then hopefully Kate might soon be planning on sporting this exciting new look…

“New Rave”

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