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Harry Hill

Posted by monkeon on December 18, 2010

Unlike Peter Kay’s site, which went from playful to over-commercialisation as his career took off, Harry Hill has stuck to his roots and kept with a lovely hand drawn site.

In fact, the only bit of commercialisation on the new site is the ability to buy a Souffer, even though buying a Stouffer would probably have been more appropriate to his act in 2001.

(from the current site, not that you could tell)

By featuring video, he was very much ahead of his time in 2001, yet by still featuring them in .mov format, he’s now behind the times in 2010.

Here’s one of the few things which doesn’t still exist on his website – the welcome message:

(click to play)

Anyway, I like his site for being run like a loved old car – adding new bits, but only replacing old ones when they fall off. Stuff has been added, but very little has been removed. More people should try it.


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