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Ann Summers

Posted by monkeon on February 15, 2011

Viewing the many incarnations of the Ann Summers website over the years, you generally see them go from rather porny to an attempt at respectability…

For example, these are the banners on the site in 2011…

But in 1995…

“Great Jokes”

Meanwhile, in 1996, the site became a portal for the classy Gold Group International, including a mixture of travel (“Individual charter airline.”) and pornography (“Penisology is the ancient art of astrology and psyhic.”), which might be a useful combination should Craig Charles need to travel overseas on one of his “Naughty Friday“s.

By 2000, they developed more the sort of image which they continue to this day with an exciting James Bond themed flash intro which plays at about 5 times the speed of a usual Bond intro.

The only problem I can see here is that the dripping blood might not be quite the sort of subliminal message they would want to project onto people looking to buy sex toys.

Likewise, in the context of Bond and Ann Summers – is this supposed to be a bullet or is it a flying dildo (perhaps one of Odd Job’s)?


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