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Diet Coke

Posted by monkeon on March 2, 2011

Quite a promise, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Nowadays, we have Google Earth, but in 2000, Diet Coke did not have quite the same resources, and so had to attempt quite a low-brow version.

They did this in two ways. Firstly, Desktop Destinations –

Sounds exciting, but what is it?

*Stares at the picture*
*Gets a bit bored and starts moving icons around*
*Wish you were here*

I’ve had worse holidays. Bournemouth 2002 springs to mind.

If, like me, you were thinking that the desk looks familiar….

It’s this…

So…. what else do Diet Coke have to offer for the online tourist?

Let’s ignore the spelling of “rez”, shall we?

There’s actually a clip of someone enjoying their Quick Escape on YouTube…

Linking disabled, so you have to click here

… which makes me wonder what the secret ingredient is in Diet Coke.


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