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Posted by monkeon on August 24, 2010

The meta tags for Iceland in 2000 were rather odd:

“artificial additives, artificial colours, artificial flavours, GM” – that sounds a bit too honest. I wonder if these non-green claims exactly cancel out their green claims, meaning that they are neither good nor bad for the environment.

Then, “Legendary Customer Service” – really?

Now for a quick spot the difference competition –

The top image is the site between Jan and May 2000, and the bottom one thereafter. Although the text has changed, the links are more or less the same apart from one – “Off your trolley”, which didn’t last long for some reason.

Now, Asda used to have a trolley based game which looked as if it would have been great fun –

Could Iceland have made a trolley-based game which is even better?

Sadly, like Store Wars, the game itself was not cached, which is a shame when it promised graphics like this…


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