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Posted by monkeon on June 21, 2010

The new Rizla site contains the first “You need javascript and cookies turned on to view this site” warning I’ve seen on a new site in years, which is nicely retro in itself.

It also asks for your location before you can enter. I would have thought that they’d have a slightly higher rate of paranoiacs visiting their site than most, and so this might put many of them off entering. WHAT DO THEY WANT TO KNOW WHERE I LIVE FOR?

Meanwhile, in 1998, you were welcomed to their site with a spinning Rizla, which I could happily watch for hours (or seconds if I was sober)…

A very 90s thing was to list all the awards you have won…

Can you imagine how awful the web would be now if this trend had continued, what with all the SEO charlatans experts wanting to abuse the process and giving out awards to every site on the internet just to get a reciprocal link?

The interesting thing about Rizla’s marketing is seeing how close they will get to admitting that their target audience is more stoners than smokers?

Man, I tell you, if I was designing a website when stoned, I’d probably put in a caption competition where I couldn’t even tell what’s going on in the picture, let alone one that allows for people to skew what it is about with a funny caption…

…then, just before a white out, I’d probably mumble something about Elvis playing the Rizla game and how mind blowing it would be if he was to speak when the page loaded…

Talky Elvis Wav (via the internet archive)

“Am I Towely from South Park”?


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