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Virgin: important .gif update

Posted by monkeon on September 20, 2010

In my initial post, I was distracted by the Winking Branson.

So distracted, in fact, that I failed to do what any logical man would do and click Richard Branson in the face, revealing the wondrous sight which is a Toe-Tapping Branson.

I do like the informal way the image is called “rich.gif”; “It’s mrbranson.gif to you”.

(Thanks to Joe for pointing this out)


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Posted by monkeon on March 15, 2010

Not bad web design for 1997, you might think. But wait! What’s this…

Only a godamn winking Branson!

To see Richard wink, you must view the site on The Internet Archive. Make haste looking, mind, for he only does it once.

Despite being a web developer by trade, there is an additional mystery in that I can’t actually see how they have animated it.  It’s not an animated gif and there seems to be no javascript.

There is, of course, a chance that he’s only winking at me and not every user that comes to the site.  I actually moved into my current house only because a ginger tomcat sat on the bin outside winked at me when I was looking round. I’m a sucker for that sort of thing.

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